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Back to Basics by Lorraine Heath
A great article on how to reduce redundant, unnecessary, and weak words.

The Craft of Writing by Macedon
Wonderful descriptions on every writing rule

Don't Tell Me . . . Show Me by Vivian Teresa Beck
A great article that helps writers learn how to make their writing more vivid.

How can I learn to recognize mistakes?
Ignore the links for gay men--I still think this article is a great source of information.

How to write marginally readable fan fiction by Ms. Nitpicker
This page is a little hard to read, but it's still a great source.

Please Get Your Characters Out of My Way! by Kate Gerard
Why you shouldn't and how to limit "filtering" through the POV character

Practical Guidance on Comma Use by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Tips on what to look for when deciding if a comma is needed

Sex in the Romance: A Review of Romantic Encounters of the Close Kind by John L. Ferri
This site has an extensive information about how to write intimate scenes--no matter how explicit you wish to be.

What's the Point of Point of View by Crysothemis
Justification for single POV and tips on maintaining it

Writers Tips -- Cheat Sheets
Cheat Sheets are lists of ideas that help put the story in focus, and offer ideas to create or further a story. They are not writing rules, merely suggestions. This collection is huge!
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Collections of Articles
All About Romance
Romance Author-Penned Articles on a wide variety of subjects

Articles for Novelists and Nonfiction Writers
Another extensive collection of links.

Fiction Factor: The online Magazine for Fiction Writers
This links you to the article section. There are dozens of really good articles.

Another huge collection of articles by writers for writers.

Patricia Kay Writing articles
I've never read any of her books, but I found these articles very helpful.

The Plural of Apocalypse
Although this is primarily a site on writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer fiction, you'll find essays on how to write action scenes, plotting, characters, and more.

Rich Hamper's Writer's Resources Page
A collection of articles by Rich Hamper. They are worth the time it takes to read.

Writing Tips
A collection of articles.

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Grammar Links
Elements of Phyle
Clarifies commonly confused words, amusing X-Files examples

The Guide to Grammar and Writing
This site is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation and is the definitive guide to grammar with articles on every thing you'll ever need.

Holy Mother Grammatica's Guide to Good Writing
Summary of multiple points for writing readable fan fiction
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Writing Fan Fiction
A Beginner's Guide to Writing Fanfiction

Beta Readers Pages -- Articles on Fanfiction

Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction

Writing Fan-Fiction by Tina Morgan
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Collection of Links
Charlotte Dillon's Articles on Writing
This site by Charlotte Dillon contains an extensive collection of writing links. Not all the links work, but it's still worth checking out.

Charlotte Dillon's Building Fictional Characters
Another site by Charlotte Dillion.
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